Shattered Heaven Season 2 Fall Update 1

General update on Shattered Heaven season 2. It's going well. There's been a lot of new additions to the cast, Episode 8 is wrapping up this week and then Episode 7 is going into animatic. Yes, I know that sounds weird, I did 8 before 7. 8 was an overall, harder and more involved episode to animate and I wanted to get over that hump before diving into the easier 7. Also, 8 was the episode where I had the full cast's lines as I was waiting for a few from 7.

While I don't do the final sound design work, I used to at least get basic placeholders set. For season 1, I used to use Premiere for that, but it was obnoxious. I use Audition for recording and at times, sfx creation. The idiot that I am, didn't realize I could import video and have a video reference in the session. So for season 2, that's what I'm doing and it's such a damn blessing.

At the moment I have about 2 1/2 minutes left of animatic footage from Episode 8 that needs to be cleaned up. Definitely will be done in the next few days. From there, I'll be switching over to basic SFX placement and then it'll be out to my composer for some music.

It took a while to get to this point, but season 2 is back on track in terms of production. It's feeling very similar to how I did things during season 1, but simply better. Bless the Mobile Studio Pro, being able to work everywhere is such an advantage.

The current idea for season 2 is to release them when I have a few episodes completed. This way there'll be a lot less time between releases. I'm planning to premiere the first two episodes on Twitch before the end of the year and then figure out when they'll be released publicly. I'll have more information on that down the line. I just wanted to make an update post about the current status of the show. A lot of time web based shows can fall off after takingg a break and I wanted to make sure that wasn't something I'd fall victim to.

Sometime soon I'll have a new post about the season 2 cast additions. But for now, back to animating!