Studio Azuren is a small, internet based independent creative label for Adam Tilford. Formed to establish a sort of house for all visual projects worked on by Adam, paid or unpaid. The primary focus of Studio Azuren is to cultivate and bring to life ideas that come from a creative passion.

For now, Studio Azuren is a one man production team with aspirations to grow in the future. Animation is only one facet of the creative spectrum that is done here, illustration, logo design, writing, editing and web design are also available. Adam is currently working on two animated series under the the Studio Azuren label. The first being, Shattered Heaven, a sci-fi mech passion project based on the novel series of the same name. The series finished its first season in 2016 and the second season is in production. The second project is Dragon Star, the passion project from close friend, Kira Buckland. A series focused on the culture of the competitive fighting game community.


While the animation projects are mainly passion works, Studio Azuren is available for paid animation commissions that can fit within a proper schedule.

Adam Tilford is a New York based published author, writer, self taught animator, graphic designer and illustrator. He holds a degree in English Literature. His novel series Shattered Heaven started off as a passion project and grew exponentially throughout the years. Updated editions of the first and second books, Sins of the Soul and Shadows of Existence are planned to be released in both paperback and ebook form later in 2018. Earlier editions are available on Amazon. The third novel, Serenade for the Winds is in development. Adam has also worked with Media Blasters as a graphic/logo designer and Sound Cadence Studios a localization writer/editor in a small capacity.

Adam is a self taught animator who is constantly striving to improve since 2007. He has since become fluent in both Adobe Flash CS6 and most recently Clip Studio Paint for animation. Adam has been creating web based animation content since 2008. He is also a hobbyist voice actor in his spare time.