A mech sci-fi drama, Shattered Heaven has been the personal passion project of Adam Tilford since 2001. What started out as an Armored Core fan fic, eventually evolved into a full blown original story. Over the years it has gone through many editions and revisions. At its core, Shattered Heaven is a work of prose with its first 2 novels, Sins of the Soul and Shadows of Existence being released in ebook form on Amazon in 2011 and 2014. Two new revisions of these novels will be published in 2018, in both paperback and ebook format.

The series grew on the now defunct Armored Core forum, Armored Core Online where it garnered a small fanbase. Side stories written by multiple authors were created as a visual medium slowly began to build. By 2007, interest in creating an animated sequel to the 3 books had grew. Adam taught himself how to animate, albeit, poorly through Adobe Flash. Thanks to websites like Newgrounds, Adam found his way to 2 online voice acting sites, the Voice Acting Alliance and the Voice Acting Club. Stumbling into the online VO community, the first Shattered Heaven web series took shape.

Raw and unrefined, the series had 4 full episodes before being cancelled in early 2012. Changes in art style were starting to take shape to improve the overall quality of animation. With the help of a professional animator friend, Adam put the series on hold to reevaluate the project. A screenplay for a potential movie was written, one that would take place in between the first and second novel. Still using Flash as an animation medium, Adam experiment with improving the quality.

In early 2013, Adam took the advice of fellow animator, Chris Niosi (TOME) and scrapped the idea for a single animated movie and decided to reboot the animated web series idea. This is where the current Shattered Heaven web series was born. The first season of Shattered Heaven debuted in August of 2013 and completed its run in August of 2016. The story was revised to fit an animated medium as it grew. Changes in the story and characters inspired a full rewrite of the novel the series was based on, Sins of the Soul. Adam realized that have 2 different versions of the same story could cause a disconnect.

In 2017 a new direction was forged. Adobe Flash had served the series and Adam well, but it had outstayed its welcome. For the second season, the quality needed to be improved. Adam hit the ceiling as an animator with Flash. Switching over to Clip Studio Paint, the series saw a revitalization in terms of quality. While this was going on, Adam finished the rewrite of the novel which is currently out for editing. A new trailer for the second season along with clips from the early episodes were released to show the growth in animation quality.

2018 is expected to be a big year for the project. Its two novels, Sins of the Soul and Shadows of Existence are planned to be released along with an Epilogue graphic novel to Sins of the Soul. The second season of the animation is also set to debut later this year.

Created by Kira Buckland, Dragon Star is an original animated series that explores the complex social and romantic relationships within a high school fighting game community. Originally conceived as an audio drama years ago, in 2014 the idea to bring it back to life as an animated series came about. The reboot was initially discussed between Kira, Adam and Chris Niosi (TOME). Plans were put in place to update the story, recast the characters and animate it. Adam was tasked to animate the project even though he was still in the middle of the first season of Shattered Heaven. The idea was for Adam to finish the first Shattered Heaven season and then switch over to Dragon Star. A simple test trailer was done in 2014.

By the time season 1 of Shattered Heaven completed in 2016, Adam’s desire to improve in animation was already in effect. The animatic to Dragon Star’s first episode was half way done in Flash. Adam’s vision for the series was no longer something to be held in Flash and as a result, the series was pushed back visually while he experimented in Clip Studio Paint.

In 2017 a test clip done in Clip Studio was released. Feeling more confident in the change of animation direction, Adam begun to work on converting the rest of the episode’s animatic. Later in the year, a talk between Kira and Adam expanded on the original outlook of the project. Further updates to polish the story are taking place while a lot of prep work on environment/background resources are being done.

The project is expected to be better than it was originally planned for, even if it’s been 4 years since the original discussion to bring it back. 2018 is not only a year to revitalize Shattered Heaven, it is also a year to show the fruits of labor when it comes to Dragon Star.